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Gilmore Girls one gif per episode - 1x04

OK. Luke is the best.

He *is* the best.

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francesca spinelli!

guys i’m so in love with melina marchetta’s books WHY I NEVER HEARD ABOUT THIS WOMAN BEFORE IN MY LIFE?

Everyone should really go read all of Melina Marchetta’s books right now. They are great.

What she said! The best!

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"Flying across the country to reunite with your true love was always the right move. (Always.) (In every case.)"

- Rainbow Rowell, Landline (via specialedition87)
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Secret Libraries of London


"The brainchild of two garage DJs — Elly Rendall and Sophie Austin — the Vinyl Library has only been around for about a year. Until July 2014, it lived in a small storefront next to a luxury kitchen shop in Stoke Newington. Volunteer-run and certainly not-for-profit, this vinyl-only lending library is stocked entirely with donations from the general public. Joining the Vinyl Library costs just ten pounds a month and gives members access to events (such as listening evenings, pop up workshops, and mixing lessons) and of course to the vinyl…”

nicoeatsbooks, how was this not our idea?

katiemariefunk We could start our own branch… In Ireland…. Of course Source: katiemariefunk

JULY BOOK PHOTO CHALLENGE: Day 11; Summer Drink & a Book

Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller

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Tapes or Cassettes?

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One of my favorite scenes of all time.

OH my goodness there are Moonstruck GIFS? My life just changed forever. 

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I wasn’t looking for something to sink my teeth into,

I didn’t know what I wanted,

I never do

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